PVC bows

Amieiro is my personal brand of PVC bows and other archery accessories. PVC bows aren't exactly mainstream, when I say that I make them with plumbing pipes people generally don't even believe me. The truth is, PVC pipes are a great material for bows! It makes the whole process simpler, cheaper and in some ways easier, which leads to a bow of high quality at a fraction of the price comparing to traditional bows of similar performance.

The Facebook page is a bit dead at the moment, unfortunately The work I was putting into it wasn't paying off at the time, but I'm still open for business at my Etsy store!

Shout out to Nicholas Tomihama's and his great youtube channel. There he explains in detail how to make PVC bows and a bunch of other cool stuff. Amieiro wouldn't exist if it wasn't for him.

Since 2014


Amieiro's logo.

One of the first bows I made

From necessity and curiosity I eventually started making archery arm-guards from leather scraps and other materials.

I also participated in some events and gatherings to show my working process, different typse of bows and how to use them correctly.

Here is were I do most of my work.